Did you know there are wild peacocks roaming San Antonio?

Steve the peacock is trending on the North Side

Viewer video of Steve the peacock who was spotted wandering around a Northside San Antonio neighborhood.

SAN ANTONIO – Yes, it’s true.

In fact, there are several large ostentations — the name of a group of peacocks — according to Animal Care Services (ACS) spokesperson Lisa Norwood.

One of these colorful birds recently started trending on the Nextdoor App in a North Side neighborhood.

Neighbors in the area have given their fowl friend the moniker Steve.

“They are not native but were introduced in groups in the last century at different locations around town,” said Norwood. “They live now as free-roaming wildlife and it is against the law to hurt or hunt them in the city limits.”

Norwood said ACS receives a few calls about the peacocks every year but for the most part, people just enjoy the birds.

A San Antonio woman says she was happy to see Steve last week and told KSAT that her two children were able to capture him on video.

“I think it’s super cool that so many people have seen Steve and that they call him that. Just a random peacock roaming the neighborhoods,” she said.

Another neighbor went as far as to make a Steve sighting tracker map on Nextdoor.

“Steve has kept our spirits up in April 2021. This is just a fun way to see where he has gone, and the interactions we’ve had with Steve!” the page reads.

Norwood noted that the largest ostentation in San Antonio is in the Oak Hills area.

She also said that if you see a peacock yous should leave it alone. “It’s against the law to cruelly treat them or harm them and that includes inhumanely trapping or poisoning them.”

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