Dentists urging parents to schedule appointments for children to maintain healthy teeth, gums

Experts say pandemic has put a hold on many appointments, but regular visits are critical

The coronavirus pandemic has put many events on hold, including some that may have seen like ordinary health errands like a checkup at the dentist.

Routine dental visits for adults who know the drill—no pun intended— and children learning to take care of their teeth and gums are critical, experts tell KSAT. Now, many dentists are urging families to get back on track with appointments.

Dr. Mrunal Parmar, DDS pediatric dentistry, says many people put off going to see the dentist because of the face-to-face contact of the appointment itself.

“As with everything with the pandemic, a little apprehension is normal, but it’s important to maintain good oral health,” Parmar said. “Their routine visits are important and you want to maintain that proper care and that foundation.”

Parmer said cavities are the most common childhood ailment. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that one out of four children will have at least one cavity by age three.

“Your children’s first dental visit should be within the first six months after their first tooth erupts, and no later than their first year of age, and then every six months after that,” said Kevin Loria from Consumer Reports.

However, it’s more than just brushing those pearly whites, as taking care of your teeth can lead to other healthy habits, Parmar said.

“Brushing twice a day, flossing. Kids are no different than adults. We take care of ourselves. We want to take care of their teeth,” Parmar said.

Still, feeling apprehensive about your next visit?

Try asking your dentist about the office’s COVID testing protocols and other policies they’re taking to keep their clients safe and healthy.

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