Great Graduates 2021: Rodney Hunter, Saint Mary’s Hall

Hunter says his family is the driving force behind his push for excellence

This last year has been a whirlwind—for many reasons— and students across the country and across the world have had to overcome obstacle after obstacle in order to succeed.

SAN ANTONIO – This last year was a whirlwind—for many reasons— and students across the country and the world have had to overcome obstacle after obstacle to succeed.

Rodney Hunter’s story is no different. The St. Mary’s Hall student said he has continued to thrive despite the pandemic and other challenges he has faced.

“It’s been difficult, been really weird,” Hunter told KSAT.

Hunter is a star on and off the basketball court, but this past year has really tested his tenacity and perseverance.

“It’s difficult to watch, you know, because of what’s been going on for so many years,” said Hunter about social justice marches and the global pandemic. “But it really hit home because, you know, my parents, their parents and they’ve all seen similar stuff like this. And it really affected me because of how my parents thought about it.”

When Hunter isn’t focused on his game, grades, or time with the Saint Mary’s hall investing club, he works to help others.

“I’m blessed. And a lot of people don’t have what I have,” Hunter said. “So, I always like to to to do my best to give back to the people who are, you know, not as blessed as me.”

Part of what inspires him, Hunter said, is his family—specifically his mother.

“She is now the CEO of SaMMinistries, a nonprofit here in San Antonio,” Hunter said.

Hunter called his mother and other family members the driving forces behind his willingness to become a better version of himself.

“I’m the oldest sibling, so it puts pressure on me too, you know, be the example for my three younger ones,” Hunter said. “You know, I want them to be better than what I am. So, I have to show them what it takes to be better than what I am.”

Hunter will continue to set the bar high as he takes his on-court talent to the next at Schreiner University in Kerrville.

“I’m going to play basketball and major in data analytics,” Hunter said.

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