Local dog getting national recognition at Westminster dog show this weekend

San Antonio-area Dogo Argentino will be on national stage Sunday

GCH Atahualpa de El Remate is a Dogo Argentino who is pictured here with his best buddies Hunter and Brooks. (KSAT 12)

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio-area dog is about to be a big star as he’s set to appear at the Westminster Dog Show in New York this weekend.

The dog’s name is GCH Atahualpa de El Remate and he lives just outside San Antonio with his family which includes two boys, Hunter and Brooks, who love their pup.

GCH Atahualpa de El Remate is a Dogo Argentino and this is the first year his breed will compete at the Westminster dog show.

His breeder, Kassi McLaughlin, told KSAT that GCH Atahualpa de El Remate is 4 years old and the No. 1 Dogo Argentino in the U.S.

McLaughlin said the Dogo Argentino originated in Argentina in the 1920s and was bred to hunt wild boar and puma.

“The breed itself is still used as a hunter of wild boar, including right here in South Texas where wild boar are a huge problem for farmers. Atahualpa or ‘Ata’ as we call him in addition to being a show dog also hunts,” McLaughlin said.

The American Kennel Club recognized the Dogo Argentino as of January 2020 which allowed them to qualify for the Westminster Dog Show.

“I have been in this breed for 22 years now, I was introduced to them when I was living in Virginia by a dog trainer. I fell in love with their history, beauty, temperament and function,” said McLaughlin.

GCH Atahualpa de El Remate’s will show on Sunday at the Westminster Dog Show which takes place this weekend. Click here for the schedule. His handler’s name is Elvin Izaguirre.

This Dogo Argentino is named GCH Atahualpa de El Remate. He will be competing in the Westminster Dog Show in 2021. (KSAT 12)


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