Summer school helps students catch up after disrupted year due to COVID-19 pandemic

Warren High School student shares how his summer school experience has been so far

School districts in San Antonio are trying to get students back on track by opening more campuses for summer school

SAN ANTONIO – School districts in San Antonio are trying to get students back on track by opening more campuses for summer school.

“Teachers are really going to be working on trying to determine where these students really are and working to get them up to at least that foundation level of whatever class that student is in for that year, whatever the grade level is,” said Warren High School Principal Valerie Sisk.

Over 500 students are registered for summer school at Warren High School.

“We’ve had about 270 students already complete some credit, some form of credit. Tomorrow’s our last day of the first summer session. And Monday we start the second summer session,” Sisk said.

Elijah Carrion is one of hundreds of students trying to catch up.

“This is my first year in high school. So, I mean, I was a little confused,” Carrion said.

It was not a typical freshman year for Warren High School student Elijah Carrion, who started his academic year doing virtual learning.

“Then it turned into a hybrid, which was Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I would go to school. And then Tuesday and Thursday, I would do Zoom’s. And then after that they switched it to in-person,” Carrion said.

With so many changes, Carrion found himself falling behind and is now in summer school.

“This summer I’m working on English and Spanish,” he said.

Carrion said the classroom setting is what he needs to succeed.

“You get to interact with the teachers, and they help you when needed,” he said.

Carrion hopes the next school year is different.

“I really just want to get this over with and move on to the next year. Hopefully, everything goes back to normal,” Carrion said.

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