Viral TikTok video shows Texas teens revealing how much their homecoming mums cost

History of homecoming mums

Homecoming mum from 2019 via Jill Carlson on Flickr. (Flickr)

SAN ANTONIO – Everything is bigger in Texas, they say, including the mums.

A Texas teen recently posted a TikTok video that shows her classmates proudly displaying their mums and saying how much they cost.

One of the most inexpensive mums in rachel5041′s TikTok video was $20 while the most expensive was nearly $500, with the average being $200 or more.

The Texas tradition of giving mums at homecoming came from Missouri, which the NCAA recognizes as the birthplace of homecoming. Boys would give their dates chrysanthemums to wear as a corsage during homecoming.

In the 1970s, however, the homecoming mum started growing into more than just a simple flower.

Mums now include a massive, silk chrysanthemum with ribbons, bells, bows, trinkets and even stuffed animals and LED lights.

The tradition has also sprouted the male version of the mum, the garter.

Boys will wear their garter on the arm, and it typically matches the mum of their homecoming date.

Not all states have the mum tradition, though it has spread to other states like Oklahoma and Louisiana.

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