Houston parents say cupcakes brought for kids’ birthday party at school contained marijuana

The cupcakes were homemade and given out at a 7th grader’s birthday party

Pictured is a Houston-area middle school in Cy-Fair ISD. (KPRC)

CYPRESS, Texas – Several seventh-grade students at a Houston-area middle school became sick after eating cupcakes that were brought at a kid’s birthday party last week, parents said.

One student was reportedly rushed to a Houston-area urgent care after the party.

Isaac Hernandez, a father of one of the students at Spillane Middle School in Cypress, said his family was very concerned after his 12-year-old daughter fell ill, according to KPRC, KSAT’s sister station in Houston.

“At first, I was shocked [at] how she was reacting because I’ve never seen her like that,” Hernandez told KPRC in an interview.

Hernandez was called by the school nurse to pick up his daughter on Thursday after she got sick. She told her family the cupcakes were given out by an acquaintance of a student.

Other students also took some of the cupcakes, and just a short time later, they reported feeling sick as well and went to the nurse, according to KPRC.

Hernandez’s daughter told her father that she felt dizzy and thought she was going to pass out in a text message, as she waited for him to pick her up.

When her father arrived, he said he could tell something was wrong.

“I look at her and she looks deep in my eyes. And I know, she’s high as a kite,” Hernandez told KPRC.

Hernandez took his daughter to a Texas Children’s Urgent Care to make sure she wasn’t in a dangerous situation when she was tested.

She also took another medical test at home, before being instructed to return to the urgent care the next day for results.

That’s when the reason for the sicknesses became clear -- the cupcakes had been potentially laced with THC, according to KPRC.

Hernandez said his family was outraged and that they requested an investigation into the incident by the school. His daughter recovered, he said.

The school district told KPRC that the incident is currently “under investigation,” but did not provide further details.

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