Domestic violence investigators added to Bexar County Family Justice Center

Bexar Co. Commissioners approved adding two more investigators who will serve protective orders

SAN ANTONIO – Bexar County is continuing its fight against domestic violence with the addition of more investigators to the Family Justice Center.

On Tuesday, Bexar County Commissioners approved the addition of two investigators at the request of District Attorney Joe Gonzales.

The Bexar County Family Justice Center is a centralized location that provides services and resources to victims of domestic violence and their families including protective orders, prosecution, employment and educational assistance, counseling and more.

Until now, the center had only one investigator who was tasked with serving protective orders in domestic violence cases.

Over the past couple of years, the number of protective orders being filed has increased which led to some safety issues for that one investigator.

“These are high-risk type of cases and often these individuals are or have violent histories or are violent themselves,” Gonzales said.

According to the district attorney’s office, in 2021, one investigator conducted 868 address investigations and served 370 protective orders. Of those served, 234 respondents had active warrants as well as firearms in their possession.

“I want to ensure the safety of everyone that’s involved in this process, from our employees to anybody else that happens to be present,” Gonzales said.

The two additional investigators will now help with the workload and be able to assist more victims and their families.

“Some may say that a protective order is just a piece of paper, it is certainly a necessary tool that we have in our tool belt to protect victims of domestic violence,” Gonzales said.

A victim can fill out an intake form online if they would like to seek a protective order. They can also call the center at 210-631-0100 and staff will help them fill out the form over the phone.

Domestic violence resources if you or someone you know needs help:


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