Wife of man on trial for capital murder gives potentially damaging testimony

Larry Moore is on trial for the 1987 murder of Dianna Lowery.

A jury heard potentially damaging testimony Wednesday from the spouse of a man on trial for capital murder.

SAN ANTONIO – A jury heard potentially damaging testimony Wednesday from the spouse of a man on trial for capital murder.

Larry Moore, who is now 69, is charged with the 1987 murder of Dianna Lowery.

It has been 35 years since Lowery was found dead in her duplex on what’s now known as Bailey Avenue.

An autopsy revealed that the 25-year-old was strangled and sexually assaulted.

Dianna Lowery was murdered in 1987. A suspect was arrested and charged until 2018. (Copyright 2022 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

It wasn’t until the cold case was reopened in 2018 that Moore was charged with her murder.

Moore’s trial began Tuesday, but testimony on Wednesday began with Moore’s wife taking the stand.

Gretchen Phelps was first asked about when she met and married Moore.

She said she has known Moore since 1999 but just got married 11 days ago.

“I believe it was March 12 where we got married,” Phelps said.

At the center of her testimony was an email exchange she had with her son where she mentions “the awful crime” she shouldn’t have told her son about.

Prosecutor Talia Triesch asked her what that crime was and Phelps said at some point during their relationship Moore talked to her about his past.

“It had to do with killing somebody,” Phelps said. “He talked to me about a situation where a younger woman got killed.”

The defense tried to discredit Phelps’ testimony by asking her basic questions to show the jury that Phelps can often get confused and forgetful.

At one point Phelps said she didn’t know what today’s date was and appeared confused when asked about whether she and Moore still lived together.

If Moore is found guilty he is facing up to life in prison, as the prosecution is not seeking the death penalty.

Testimony will continue on Thursday.

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