Fiesta parades’ new neighbors don’t mind the crowds

New route for Battle of Flowers and Fiesta Flambeau means a flood of parade-goers in Tobin Hill area

Fiesta parades’ new neighbors don’t mind the crowds

SAN ANTONIO – It’s an old tradition with a new route.

Fiesta’s two centerpiece parades, the Battle of Flowers and Fiesta Flambeau, are taking a different route this year. Due to ongoing construction on Broadway Avenue, the traditional main straight of the parades, the parades approach downtown through Main Street.

The change of route brought a flood of parade-goers into the surrounding neighborhoods, with cars lining the streets of Tobin Hill and the surrounding area as their drivers and occupants lined the route nearby.

Still, the residents of the area whom KSAT spoke to appeared fine with the influx of people.

“It’s a lot busier, but not as bad as we anticipated as far as traffic,” said Jeff Moorhead, who lives near Gillespie and Laurel. “People seem to be obeying the traffic rules and not blocking our driveway. So it’s not too bad.”

Up on Evergreen Street, Carl Hughes welcomed the crowds.

“I love seeing all the people together. We need this after COVID. So it makes me happy,” Hughes said, taking a break from gardening in his front yard.

But all the traffic does come with headaches. Selena Austin is a property manager for an apartment on Evergreen Street.

“It is very irritating when you have to like, drive my big old car in the narrow between two - like, it’s annoying. Yeah,” Austin said.

With Battle of Flowers in the books, residents just need to brace for the nighttime wave of parade watchers coming in for Fiesta Flambeau on Saturday night.

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