DeLorean Motor Company unveils first real-life prototype of Alpha5 EV

Company’s global headquarters are in San Antonio

DeLorean Alpha5 Launch Edition (DeLorean Motor Company)

SAN ANTONIO – The DeLorean Motor Company unveiled the first real prototype of its Alpha5 this week.

The company — which is headquartered in San Antonio — first teased the vehicle in February and then revealed images of the car in May, but the first functioning prototype was unveiled Thursday during the 71st Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance car show.

The all-electric vehicle has the same style of gullwing doors, rear louvers and three-layered taillights that gave the original DMC-12 and DMC-24 their signature looks.

The car became iconic thanks to its main role in the “Back to the Future” movies.

“Our goal was to bridge the gap between the past and the future, so we produced extensions of the DMC-12 that would have been icons in their time to create the next generation of vehicles, starting with the Alpha5,” said Joost de Vries, chief executive officer of DeLorean Motors Reimagined in a press release.

The Alpha5 can reach 60 mph in 2.99 seconds with a projected top speed of 155 mph. The vehicle is a four-seater — two in front and two in back — and has all-wheel drive and an estimated 300-mile range on its 100kWH battery.

The Alpha5 is expected to hit the road in 2024 and is expected to cost about $145,000.

In February, DeLorean announced its global headquarters would be at Port San Antonio on the Southwest Side.

In April, City Council members approved up to $562,500 worth of grants for the company and also allowed it to apply for $1.25 million worth of tax refunds through the state.

The deal requires DeLorean to create up to 450 jobs by the end of 2026 paying at least $50,000 and an average salary of $145,600.

City staff estimates the project will bring in $2.7 million of city revenue over 10 years and provide a net fiscal benefit of $507,280.

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