Meteorologist Adam Caskey travels to Fort Myers to help his in-laws clean up after Hurricane Ian

The hurricane damaged Caskey’s in-laws home and belongings

KSAT Meteorologist shares videos of the damage left behind by Hurricane Ian

FORT MYERS, Fla. – It’s been a week since Hurricane Ian ripped through southwest Florida, knocking out power for millions and flooding many homes, businesses and roadways.

Though the hurricane itself has passed, what it left behind has many still working on picking up the pieces.

The storm is deemed one of the most powerful in the U.S.

Among those on the road to recovery are KSAT Meteorologist Adam Caskey and his in-laws, Jack and Maggie Schlitt.

Caskey said the pair have lived in their home for a decade in Fort Myers, Florida, located less than two miles from a beach.

The Schlitts came to San Antonio to stay with Caskey until the hurricane passed.

Ft. Myers was one of the hardest-hit cities in Florida by the storm.

So, Caskey loaded up his pickup truck with gear and supplies and went to Ft. Myers on Monday to help his family. He arrived on Tuesday night and is staying at a friend’s condo nearby.

On Wednesday, Caskey and his in-laws got to work. He went on Facebook live and shared how extensive the damage was to their home.

“We made it. We have a good place to stay nearby -- it’s a condo... it’s functional,” Caskey said during his Facebook live video. “[The damage] was pretty much as bad as we were thinking.”

Caskey went inside through the garage, where a car was parked during the storm. Water managed to make its way inside the garage, the car and the home.

“For some reason, the hurricane popped the trunk and dropped the windows,” Caskey said.

He then went outside of the home, where a water line could be seen along the walls, and small fish were still scattered on the ground.

“These things are everywhere. Little fish everywhere,” Caskey said.

The floors inside the home were riddled with dirt, and many items were still soaking wet from the ocean water.

Caskey showed on video parts of the wall that were starting to grow mold due to the stormwater.

The good news is that the home’s roof is still intact, and Caskey said his family is making progress on the cleanup.

You can watch more of Caskey’s journey in Ft. Myers in the video player above.

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Cody King is a digital journalist for KSAT 12. She previously worked for WICS/WRSP 20 in Springfield, Illinois.