Local mother pleads for clues about person who shot, killed her 3 children

Crime Stoppers also issuing an appeal for information

SAN ANTONIO – Thanksgiving Day of 2021 was anything but a joyous occasion for Eashonne Wolford and her family.

It left her racked with physical and emotional pain.

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Someone in a car sprayed her daughter’s home in the 4000 block of Sunrise Creek Drive with gunfire.

Bullets tore into Wolford’s leg as she tried to shield as many of her 12 grandchildren as possible from the barrage of bullets.

“The thing I heard was ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.’ Then it stopped,” Wolford said. “I guess they clicked it again and then it started again.”

When it was over, she realized that her two sons, Charles Wolford, 28, and Eugene Hodge, 25, and her 32-year-old daughter, Shanobea Wolford, also had been shot.

Her sons died of their wounds that day.

Shanobea was left paralyzed, then died from complications in June.

“Whoever did this I call animals because you can’t just shoot somebody like we’re animals,” she said.

Wolford tries not to hold onto bitterness, choosing instead to remember the good things about her children.

She says Charles was always the life of the party, someone who could instantly put a smile on her face.

“And Shanobea would fix your hair just in a heartbeat. Gene, I call him like me. He’s a neat freak,” Wolford said.

One thing she still can’t make sense of is why someone would do this.

She also wants to know who is responsible for the shootings, which also have left some of her grandchildren without their parents. Wolford says her two sons and daughter had six children among them.

San Antonio police have not made any arrests yet.

In the wake of the one year anniversary of the shootings, Crime Stoppers has issued a new plea for information about the case.

Anyone who knows anything about what happened is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (210) 224-STOP (7867).

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