Medical professionals predict Griner could undergo possible trauma patient approach upon arrival to SA

San Antonio health care experts anticipate Brittney Griner could undergo an immediate acute medical response

SAN ANTONIO – Brittney Griner’s return to life in the U.S. will start here in San Antonio with a routine evaluation.

Dr. Ralph Riviello, an emergency medicine physician with UT Health San Antonio and University Health, anticipates military physicians might perform an immediate acute medical response upon her arrival.

“X-rays, labs, history taking -- an assessment of her general overall mental health and physical health and well-being,” Dr. Riviello said.

Afterward, experts predict that military health care providers could conduct a more comprehensive mental health evaluation.

Mary Beth Fisk, the CEO and executive director of the Ecumenical Center, said it would not be out of the ordinary for Griner to possibly experience symptoms of mental trauma or changes in physical and emotional reactions.

“Being easily startled or frightened, also being on guard in fear of danger,” she described.

The main challenge medical experts predict Griner could face is simply re-acclimating to her new everyday life.

“Therapy may not just be the only thing that she needs. She’ll need her family and her friends with a healthy support system,” Fisk said.