Dismissed murder case has victim’s family demanding answers

Raymond Soto was killed in October of last year and a month later, a suspect was arrested

SAN ANTONIO – A man was killed in October and a month later, the suspect responsible was arrested. Now, the case has since been dismissed, and the man accused in the man’s murder is out of jail.

The news is leaving the family of Raymond Soto looking for answers.

“My family right now is frustrated, distraught, hurting. It just opens up the wound again. All we want is justice. We don’t know what is going on with them. My brother is not here -- he’s deceased,” said Raymond Soto’s brother Jose.

On November 3rd of last year, 38-year-old Jose Gerardo Gonzalez was arrested and charged with murder.

San Antonio police said he was the man responsible for killing Soto earlier that year in October.

On the day of the arrest, a public information officer said detectives found evidence at the crime scene connected to Gonzalez.

“To include the alleged murder weapon, they found fingerprints that were linked back to the suspect who was arrested,” said SAPD PIO Jennifer Rodriguez.

It’s something that Jose said has left his family demanding answers.

“How could they do this? How could they release him when they said they had solid evidence on him or proof?” Jose said.

According to the Bexar County Clerk’s dismissal letter, it states the reason for the suspect’s release is due to further investigation.

We asked the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office for comment but were told they can talk about a pending case. It’s the same response KSAT’s Erica Hernandez got last week, when two capital murder suspects charges were dropped.

Jose said his family now questions if his brother’s killer is being let go, or if the person responsible was ever really arrested. He had this message for the DA:

“Get y’all’s story straight and figure out what’s going on. We want our voices to be heard.”

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