Testing you palm on sidewalk for 7 seconds could save your pet’s paws during high temperatures

ACS offers tips to keep your pets from overheating

SAN ANTONIO – The killer heat could be fatal for pets left outside without proper care, so Animal Care Services is warning pet owners to be mindful of the high temperatures before leaving pets outside.

Kaitlan Hilton, an education specialist with ACS, says the heat can bring severe medical issues for pets.

“Make sure not only that your dog has shade and water but that it’s actually cool and provides them comfort. Some shaded areas can still reach really, really high temperatures,” Hilton said.

Outdoor dogs should get fresh water daily that’s kept in the shade.

Dogs should be walked before 9 a.m. or after 8 p.m. when temperatures are lower.

Hilton suggests holding the palm of your hand to the hot sidewalk for seven seconds as it can give pet owners a good idea of how hot the ground is. If it burns the hand, it can burn a dog’s paw.


How to keep pets safe during triple-digit temperatures this summer

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