Neighbors want Halloween display with beheaded Jesus, bloody priest removed

Homeowner Vic Miorana has apologized but refused to take it down

JEFFERSON PARISH, La. – It’s spooky season and once again, a home in the U.S. is being accused of taking it too far with its Halloween displays.

This year, Vic Miorana’s display at his home in Bucktown, Louisiana, hit a nerve as it depicts a large, bloody devil holding the head of Jesus. The devil towers over the decapitated body, surrounded by bloody nuns and a priest.

There are also ghouls, skeletons and tombstones scattered across the lawn.

You can see a video of the display in the video player above. Editor’s note: The video may be disturbing for some viewers.

Moriana told WDSU and The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate that every year, he plans his displays months in advance and typically makes the props himself.

While his displays are always extravagant, this year it’s receiving a different type of attention — threats and pushback from neighbors.

“This is just decorations for fun. It’s not a real Jesus, these are foam props that I made,” Miorana told WDSU.

He told the outlets that his longtime girlfriend and mother of his child was harassed over the display, which led to them splitting up.

While Moriana has apologized to the community, he has refused to remove the props.

“It’s over the principle. I have my rights and I refuse to back down,” he told the newspaper. “I love to scare people. I worked in haunted houses. I hope to own my own haunted house one day, you know, and this is what scares people.”

Neighbors want it removed because they feel it’s disrespectful to religion.

“Is it protection, yes, but does that make it right? That’s my real question and would you do this with another religion because I don’t think you would,” one resident told WDSU.

Other residents, however, are showing their support by taking photos by the lawn.

“I don’t see why people find it offensive,” a resident told the newspaper. “And if people are offended why do they keep coming back through the neighborhood?”

So far, Moriana has only been cited due to a garage cover and uncut grass in the side yard.

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