Mother of abandoned baby found days later, arrested on DWI warrant, Houston police say

Baby was found alone and in diapers outside a Houston apartment complex

The mother has been identified as Dana McGowan, 33 (KPRC)

A missing Texas woman was found days after her child was seen wandering alone outside a Houston apartment complex, police said.

Houston police said the 12-month-old baby was found alone and in diapers near a gate at the complex on Tuesday afternoon.

He had minor injuries to his mouth that were apparently sustained while he was walking around, according to KPRC, KSAT’s sister station in Houston. He was taken to the hospital and ultimately released to Child Protective Services custody.

Authorities were not able to find the boy’s parents or guardians, prompting police to ask for the public’s help.

A family member reached out to the police and identified the child’s mother as 33-year-old Dana McGowan, police said.

When relatives were unable to reach her, they reported McGowan as missing on Thursday.

Locals said they had seen McGowan along Wilcrest Drive in recent days, and police arrested her there early Friday morning.

McGowan was taken into custody on two felony warrants of driving while intoxicated with a passenger under 15 years old and parole/probation violation.

“Our detectives plan to interview her on the abandoned baby case,” police said Friday morning.

KPRC reported that the boy’s father did not know about the incident and did not know the woman’s whereabouts.

So far, no one, including McGowan, has been charged in the boy’s child endangerment case.

The case remains under investigation. Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact HPD at 832-394-1840.

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