Dogs, exotic birds, pheasants, chickens seized from West Side home

ACS seizes 49 animals in 200 block of Pendleton Ave.

SAN ANTONIO – Animal Control Services seized more than 49 animals Wednesday morning from a home on the city's West Side.

Dozens of animals, including dogs, pheasants, parrots, chickens, ducks and exotic birds were removed from a home in the 200 block of Pendleton Road.

"(The homeowner) loves animals. There is stray dogs that people just drop them off, leave them out and she picks them up and takes home and feeds them," neighbor Deborah Rodriguez said.

ACS officials were alerted about the animals by neighbors, who complained about an odor and loud noises coming from the home.

"Our primary concern is making sure the animals are in a healthier state, brought into healthier conditions, as well as the resident," said Shannon Simms, of ACS. "We want to make sure she gets the help she needs. The conditions aren't something I want my grandmother living in or your grandmother living in."

The animals appeared to be OK, but they will be evaluated by a veterinarian, ACS officials said. 

ACS officials said this isn't the first time they've been called to the home.

"This has been a woman that we've been kind of working on and off with for the better part of two years. We have actually removed animals from location before," Sims said.

The homeowner is cooperating and ACS will determine if charges will be filed.