SAN ANTONIO – The mother-daughter trio of Karine, Pascal and Lili Meunier are bringing classic flavors of France to San Antonio.

The highlight of their unique menu is their crepes - a thin, pancake-like item that comes either savory or sweet.

The crepes get made by Pascal, a certified master crepe maker from France.

“There is a lot of ways to (ruin) crepes because you can’t have a lot of flour,” said Pascal.

All of their food is made fresh using authentic French recipes.

All of their lunch and brunch items are delicious - but their baked goods are on a whole different level.

Located off West Ave - the C'est La Vie Baking Company produces all of the baked goods for the cafe.

Chocolate croissants, almond croissants, regular croissants, Danishes, kolaches, cookies and fresh French baguettes - everything is baked new daily.

San Antonio is home to all of this delicious French cuisine because of a decades-old mystery.

Karine and Pascal’s grandmother, Lili’s mother - fell in love with an American soldier during World War II.

The soldier returned to America after the war and left behind Lili and her mother in France.

Last December, Karine, Pascal and Lili decided to travel to America to find the soldier - with only a name and an old photo to go on.

They still haven’t found their grandfather/father but are going to be using DNA resources to help them in the future.

Regardless of why they are here, we should be thankful they came because all of the food and baked goods are phenomenal.

Lili De Paris is located at 16350 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78232 and C'est La Vie Baking Company is located at 8055 West Ave #107, Castle Hills, TX 78213.