3 indoor DIY activities for kids

Tupperware Town, Popcorn Olympics, Crepe Paper Laser Maze

SAN ANTONIO – The hot South Texas summer is here, and if you have kids you are probably trying to find ways to keep them entertained indoors.

Mike and Fiona test out some of the best Pinterest and internet indoor crafts. First up, we all have old, plastic containers we don’t use anymore. This is the perfect way to reuse them, the Tupperware Town. Make sure to get your kids involved with this. They can get creative designing their own town, and if the have any toy cars they can drive them through the streets. They can, also, add their action-figures or dolls to the town population.

All you need are old plastic food containers, wire cutters, paper, scissors, paint brushes, modge podge and markers or paints. First step, cut a half circle into the plastic food containers. This will be the bottom of your building. You can cut a hole on each side for toy cars to drive through.

Decide on the design of your building. You can make bricks, stripes or a solid color. You will make your designs on the paper and glue it down with modge podge. You can paint the containers if you prefer.

Next up, we have the Popcorn Olympics. We have to wait until next year for the Olympic games, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sport some fun indoor games. All you need is popcorn and two cups.

Game 1: Popcorn toss and eat. See who can catch the most popcorn in their mouth within 10 seconds.

Game 2: Popcorn distance throw. See who can throw popcorn the farthest.

Game 3: Toss your popcorn into a cup. Take five shots and whoever lands the most wins.

Finally, the Crepe Paper Laser Maze is a fun activity to get the kids moving. Just tape crepe paper across an open space and try to make it through the course without touching or tearing the paper.