Treat your 4-legged friends with this food truck for dogs

The Snackin Waggin’ has handmade treats for your pup and an easy recipe for you

Food truck for dogs: Check out the Snack Waggin' | SA LIVE | KSAT
Food truck for dogs: Check out the Snack Waggin' | SA LIVE | KSAT

San Antonio – Karen Johnston, owner of The Snack Waggin’, is a big time lover of dogs and has created a way for everyone to pamper their own pups with a food truck made specifically for dogs.

There are two different types of snacks offered: a gourmet bone that comes in peanut butter, pumpkin, coconut and sweet potato flavors; and a frozen yogurt paw that comes in strawberry, blueberry, peanut butter and peanut butter & jelly.

The treats are not baked, they are fresh and frozen and use name brand ingredients so they are healthy for dogs.

The Snackin Waggin’ also offers fun bandanas for dogs, that come in all sizes with many different designs.

Make your own gourmet dog treat:
  • Start with a large plastic container cut in half. A milk jug for example
  • Fill the container with water
  • Add fruit or whatever you have around the house that your dog loves
  • Freeze it and serve

Your dog will get to enjoy a tasty treat and stay cool.

Check out The Snack Waggin’s facebook page to see where they will be next or inquire about a visit to your own neighborhood/event.