2 game day treats that won’t break the bank

How to turn average snacks into must-have munchies

SAN ANTONIO – Looking to save money on expensive game day snacks? Use what you already have in the kitchen to turn average desserts into fun, party treats to support your team and satisfy your cravings.

Colorful frosting and candy can turn cupcakes into cheerleaders, and if the game isn’t catching the little ones attention, the family can have their own decoration competition.

You can’t have a party without popcorn, but take it to the next level by throwing in some candy, pretzels, chocolate... really anything you want. Then comes the fun part, drizzle in frosting and start mixing. Pop it into the fridge for a few minutes then take it out and enjoy. It might sound like a lot, but it’s a snack that literally has something for everyone and you won’t be able to take just one bite.

Those are just two ways to bring something new to the party without spending a lot of money. For more ideas check out Creative Lifestyles with Adeina.

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