Health experts encourage seniors to review Medicare coverage before annual enrollment period deadline

Medicare annual enrollment period ends on Dec. 7 for 2021 plans

There are only a few weeks left for the Medicare annual enrollment period -- the time when millions of Americans will make important decisions about their health care coverage for 2021.

Whether you’re enrolling in Medicare or looking to change your coverage, now is the time to do it.

Dr. Rowland Reyna, founder and CEO of HealthTexas, and Glenda Pope, local sales director for United Healthcare, explain why it’s important to review your Medicare plans for 2021.

Below are some key questions, answered.

Are there Medicare Advantage Plans for those on a fixed income?

“Absolutely," Pope said. “There are multiple plans for those individuals who have a fixed income or limited income, that will take care of their health care needs covering prescription drugs, fitness benefits, over the counter benefits and more.”

What happens if people don’t do anything by the Dec. 7 deadline? Will they still have coverage?

“You will still have coverage, but it’s very important to make a decision right now, because things change,” Pope explained. “Your plan could change and your health conditions can change -- even your finances can change. It’s really important that you evaluate the plan that you currently have and make those changes now.”

Why is it important to establish care with a primary care physician?

“You want somebody who knows you -- somebody that is there for you 24/7,” Reyna said. “We specialize in the Medicare Advantage world. That’s what we do.”

If you need a primary care doctor, HealthTexas has 17 locations to serve the San Antonio region, and the health group specializes in Medicare plans. All doctors are board-certified in internal medicine or family medicine. Watch the video above for more information about HealthTexas.