The Look: Winter workout essentials

Stay warm and still look fashionable with these cold weather fitness essentials

The gear and tips you need for winter weather workouts

San Antonio – Lifestyle connoisseur, Jon Salas, provides all of the clothing/accessories you will need to not lose the motivation to get outside and workout even amidst the falling temperatures.

  1. Compression Pieces - compression leggings and jackets compress the skin the perfect amount to keep the circulation flowing and allow the body warm itself. Avoid cotton and wool during workouts, because the sweat will stay on your clothing and cool you down even more in the long run.
  2. Jackets - Don’t go with puffy jackets, stick to a more compressed style with moisture wicking to eliminate sweat build up.
  3. Gaiters - It is hard to remember when gaiters were worn solely for warmth, but they are a cold weather workout must have to keep your head and mouth warm.
  4. Gloves - Find a good pair of synthetic gloves as to avoid that moisture build up in the hands from cotton. Also, ensure that they are tactile gloves so they you are not having to constantly take your gloves off to you use your phone, which may seem minor at first but could ultimately become a workout killer.
  5. Shoes - A good pair of shoes may be the most important item to have, ensure they have good grip on the bottom for seamless transitions to all types of surfaces and weather environments, as well as good padding/support to cushion the pounding on your feet that will lead to aches in the rest of your body.
  6. Headphones - Find wireless headphones that are comfortable and will stay in your ear during high levels of activity.

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