Perfect rainy day food at Golden Wat Noodle House

Check out San Antonio’s new Cambodian restaurant off the Saint Mary’s Strip

SAN ANTONIO – On a rainy day, noodles will warm you up right down to your soul. Golden Wat Noodle House is serving authentic Cambodian noodles off of the Saint Mary’s Strip.

Brought to you by the creators of NOLA Brunch & Beignets, Cookhouse and Bud’s Southern Rotisserie, Golden Wat is Susan Sypesteyn’s love story to her Cambodian culture.

The wife of Chef Pieter Sypesteyn, Susan is a first generation Cambodian-American.

Her husband joined SA Live this week to make their nom bahn chok recipe. Watch the video above for a taste of this delicious noodle soup, made with lemongrass curry broth, pounded chicken and fish, fresh herbs and rice noodles.

You can find Golden Wat’s menu here. Follow the restaurant’s Instagram page for beautiful food photos and updates.

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