How to get your roof in tip-top shape for fall season

Make sure you ask to get a free roof inspection, this group says

For questions about solar system installation or if you’re ready to invest, contact Roof Fix and begin a service request.

Cooler weather can of course have a big effect on your roof, but you can take care of that with a little help from professionals.

Duane Charping, founder and owner of Roof Fix, took some time to explain some of the reasons why you’d need a new roof or a roof repair -- and why it’s important to go solar with a local company.

Roof Fix not only provides new roofs but offers any kind of repair and numerous services and packages that help keep your roof healthy to ultimately prolong the life of your roof, Charping said.

Why would you need a new roof or roof repair, and how do you determine that?

There are multiple causes of damage to your roof. The most common being age and storm and hail roof damage. Harsh weather conditions can cause leaks and even tear off parts of the roof.

What happens if you need a new roof?

Roof Fix will make sure you have a system that fits you. The company says it offers the largest roofing selection to choose from including metal, metal shingles, traditional shingles, tile and solar.

Types of repairs/maintenance needed for roofs

Fascia replacement: The fascia is the lower part of your roof and is usually your roof’s first defense against the elements. If your fascia has begun to mold or warp, roofing professionals can help you navigate the replacement.

Shingle replacement: Usually the most visually obvious, shingle replacement can make a world of difference for a home with a shingle and asphalt roof.

Gutter maintenance: Cleaning your home’s gutters may sound a little too easy, but sometimes that’s all it takes. Ensuring that your gutters are clear of debris can prevent the build-up of water around areas vulnerable to leaks.

Flashing repair or replacement: Roof flashing is sheets or strips of metal that are installed at breaks, joints or edges of a roof. These are the areas that are most vulnerable to roof leaks, Charping said.

Over time, the flashing of a roof can become worn and may require repairs or replacement. For smaller cracks and holes, roofing cement can be used to repair the damage, but for more extensive damage, the flashing of a roof may need to be replaced before the life of the roof has reached its end.

Roof Fix is an award-winning roofing company, proudly serving South Texas homeowners with a variety of high-quality roof services including repair, installation and solar, Charping said.

For questions about free roof inspections or if you’re ready to invest, contact Roof Fix and begin a service request.

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