Local group looks for qualified participants to join bunion clinical trials

Individuals in study receive compensation for time and travel

Endeavor Clinical Trials offers bunion research studies.

Bunions can be bothersome. It can get really painful to stand up or put on shoes.

Right here in San Antonio, there are bunion academy trials to evaluate new pain medications, and you might be able to be a part of them.

Dr. Richard Pollack, founder and podiatrist with Endeavor Clinical Trials, explains how individuals with bunions can possibly get their bunions removed -- and earn compensation for their participation.

1. What is a bunion and how does bunionectomy help?

According to Evolution Research Group, a bunion is a painful bony bump that develops at the base of the big toe. This bony bump is often caused by narrow, tight-fitting shoes. Bunions can be bothersome causing daily pain and leading to serious conditions like arthritis. Adults with bunions in need of bunion removal surgery may qualify for upcoming research studies. A bunionectomy is a surgical procedure to remove a bunion.

Takeaway: A bunionectomy is the removal of a bunion and cutting of the bone and need for screw fixation.

2. Who is eligible for the clinical trial?

Qualified participants include adults 18 and older, those with a bunion willing to undergo bunion removal surgery, and additional criteria.

3. What is the benefit to the patient for participation?

“First and foremost, they [patient] have a bunion and the pharmaceutical companies will pay for the bunion academy procedure,” Pollack said. “Even if a patient has a large deductible or actually has no insurance, they still can have a bunion academy performed at no cost to the patient. And in fact, the pharmaceutical companies actually pay the patient to participate in the trial, and that’s quite a benefit to the patient. So, the patient has a bunion that can have a competent surgeon perform that procedure, have it done for free, make a little money and then be able to wear those beautiful shoes that you’re currently wearing.”

Takeaway: Those that qualify may see medical staff at no cost, have access to bunion removal surgery at no cost and receive compensation for time and travel.

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