Ways to promote a healthy pregnancy, birth

Taking vitamins and getting to the doctor within the first three months are important

Healthy pregnancies and births depend on high quality services, especially to the nation’s most vulnerable women and families. That’s where Healthy Start, a program by the City of San Antonio’s Metro Health Department, comes in.

Health Start is a maternal, child and family health program where advocates assist families from the beginning of pregnancy until the baby turns 18 months old.

If someone is pregnant, there are ways to help with healthy pregnancy and birth. The first is early prenatal care. Kori Eberle with Metro Health says it’s important to get the doctor within the first three months of pregnancy.

Taking vitamins, eating healthy, avoiding tobacco, moving around when you can, and activating your support system, can all help with a healthy pregnancy.

Eberle says it’s very important to have a support system during pregnancy.

“Every baby is different, and you want the whole family to be prepared. Mom’s not the only one having a baby. The whole family is having the baby,” Eberle says.

For those interested in learning more about the Health Start program, visit Metro Health’s website.