Holiday fun at The DoSeum! New Sci-Fi Exhibit & "Kid's Countdown Roar into 2018"

"Kid's Countdown Roar into 2018" is an RSVP only event on Dec. 31 from 10am-1pm

By Kiersten Ehr - Digital Content Creator

SAN ANTONIO - The New Year is almost here!


2018 is just 19 days away-- it's time to start planning on New Year's celebrations that are family friendly. 


If you're looking for a place to party with the kiddos, The DoSeum is the place to celebrate 2018!


Tell me more about The DoSeum! This sounds perfect for the kiddos.

3 Facts about The DoSeum


  1.  Children can discover, learn, explore, and create.

  2.  The DoSeum offers one of the largest outdoor areas for play among children’s museums in the nation

  3.  Only museum in San Antonio just for children, where kids can learn by doing, creating, and tinkering instead of just looking and listening


Check out the brand new "Science Fiction- Science Future" Exhibit! 


The "Science Fiction-Science Future" Exhibit is open until January 6, 2018. 

Eli Ushery, The DoSeum said, "It's a full body interaction exhibit with 16 different interactions you can utilize. For example, you can scan your body to see your biology, control objects with your mind, and turn things invisible right before your eyes."

Guess what. There is even a teleportation cool!

Below are some other features in the "Science Fiction- Science Future" exhibit: 

  • Mind Control

  • Beam Me Up

  • Invisible Me

  • Augmented Reality Wristbands

  • Eye Control 


It gives people an inside look at what technology can be like in the future. It tells you how we are making strides in our daily lives at making technology a reality. - Eli Ushery


"Kid's Countdown Roar into 2018" New Year's Event!


The DoSeum has come up with a perfect New Year's event for families with kid's called the "Kid's Countdown Roar into 2018." 


This is an RSVP event that will be on December, 31 at 10 a.m to 1 p.m.


Ring in the new year with all of our doers at The DoSeum. We'll have a ball drop, safari activities where kids can come play, and still enjoy the new year celebration during the afternoon. - Eli Ushery


The kids will have fun during New Years without having to stay up late at night! 


Party at noon? That sounds about right. 


Get ready to go shopping for safari clothes for the kids--- this year the Kid's Countdown is safari themed! 


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What to Expect at the "Kid's Countdown Roar into 2018" Event


  • Ball drop

  • Food

  • Drinks

  • Safari activities

  • Games


For more information about The DoSeum, you can call 210-212-4453, or visit where you can RSVP to the "Kid's Countdown Roar into 2018."


You can also check out The DoSeum on Facebook @thedoseum. 


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Information courtesy: The DoSeum

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