If you’re a fan of the old-school-style Chuck Taylors and a Spurs fan – those worlds are about to collide. Converse is launching its limited edition NBA collection on Sept. 29 with shoes representing all 30 NBA teams. 

The Spurs will be featured in the Chuck ’70 NBA Gameday collection.

According to the shoemaker’s website, those sneakers will be made out of authentic NBA jerseys and backed with a leather lining.

There will only be 250 individually-numbered pairs for each NBA team.

There will be two other versions of the shoe in the NBA collection. 

The Chuck SE NBA Franchise shoes will feature 13 NBA teams with the team’s logo embroidered on the tongue and team name on the mesh upper.

The Chuck ’70 NBA Legend sneaker is described as a “luxe model” for “the sophisticated fan.”

Only five franchises will get those shoes: the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, LA Lakers and NY Knicks.