Freetail Brewing Co. offers Kawhi sweet deal to smooth things over with Spurs

Will Leonard take the assist?

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SAN ANTONIO – Freetail Brewing Co. is offering Kawhi Leonard free pizza and beer for life in an effort to smooth out the whole is-he-or-isn’t-he-situation.

The brewery posted a tear-stained letter from Freetail Bae that starts off with a less than enthusiastic, “We know things have been kinda weird this season.”

Leonard has only played nine regular season games this season due to a right quadriceps injury, which has led to varying reports of mounting tension between Leonard and the rest of the Spurs.

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“This past season was really awkward, especially when rumors started circulating in the media, ”said Scott Metzger, founder of Freetail Brewing. “It’s just been very un-Spurs-like to have this level of drama with the team, given their long history of professionalism and ability to avoid some of the things most other teams deal with regularly.”

The letter continues saying, “You know, how we never freaked out because you didn’t talk much? Or how we never questioned the silence or think that it was a sign that something was wrong?” 

The questions are followed by the extension of an olive branch — an offer of free pizza and beer for life.

We’ll see if Leonard takes the brewery up on its assist.

Read the full letter below:

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