Man comes down from Transguide sign after hours of negotiations with police

Sign positioned approximately 30 feet above roadway

SAN ANTONIO – The upper level of I-35 near Laredo Street was shut down for more than four hours on Saturday as authorities talked a man down from a Transguide sign.

"He's very upset, got personal issues," said Sgt. Tim O'Connel with the San Antonio Police Department.

Officials with the San Antonio Police Department's mental health unit negotiated with the man from 2 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. when he climbed down.

"He was very agitated, and by his body language, it seemed he was making motions that he was going to jump," O'Connel said.

Authorities estimate the sign is 30 feet above the street.

Officers diverted traffic along I-35 to the lower level, causing a slowdown on the highway.

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During negotiations, authorities asked the man to toss a knife he was carrying, but the man initially refused. The man finally tossed his knife and began his descent from the sign, but stopped several times to talk with police.

"He was very patient just giving him the opt to let us know what's going on with him and letting us try to assist him," O'Connel said.

Shortly after paramedics checked him out, the man's daughter was brought to the scene, which was part of the process to get him down from the Transguide sign.

The man was taken into custody just before 7 p.m. Saturday.

It's unclear if he will face any charges.

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