Couple marks Fiesta love story with chicken on a stick tattoos


SAN ANTONIO – One night in old San Antonio, a relationship was formed over chicken on a stick.

On Monday, days before the start of Fiesta, the couple marked their love story with a pair of chicken on a stick tattoos -- a first time request for tattoo artist Aracely Flores.

Flores, owner and artist at All Star Tattoo, designed the fresh ink for her nail artist and her boyfriend in celebration of their upcoming anniversary.

"It's more of an anniversary tattoo but also celebrating fiesta," Flores said via email Monday.

Flores posted photos of her work on Instagram, writing, "Once upon a time during Fiesta, this boy bought a chicken on a stick and asked this beautiful girl to be his girlfriend. Romantic AF..."

Flores ended her post with a cheers to "all the chicken on a stick romances out there."

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One person commented, "And here I thought I was crazy cause i want a tamale tat. We are all totally sane."

Another remarked about the details of the ink, which showcased the texture of the fried chicken and the gloss on the jalapeno.

All Star Tattoo is located at 1610 Southwest Military Drive. Details including hours and pricing can be found on the shop's Instagram page.