Here’s how Texans voted for president based on race, sex, education

Bexar County numbers show turnout by age

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Just more than 5% of registered voters between the ages of 18 and 24 in Bexar County participated in the March 2020 primary election, according to the elections department.

Voters 65 and older produced the biggest turnout during the election, making up about 36% of the votes in this county.

The Bexar County Elections Department released a snapshot of the demographics that made up the election turnout on Wednesday morning — just hours after a software snafu delayed results.

AgeParticipation percentageAgeParticipation percentage

The department reported 253,071 people, including Election Day, early and absentee ballots voted during the election. Final results are pending the count of mail-in ballots.

Bernie Sanders wins Bexar County, but Joe Biden takes Texas

Joe Biden was the most popular candidate for voters 45 and older in Texas, according to a survey conducted by the Associated Press.

The majority of those younger than 45, especially millennial and generation Z, voted for Bernie Sanders, the survey shows. About 64% of voters between 18-29 years old voted for Sanders, who won Bexar County but not Texas.

Biden won Texas with 34% of the vote, while Sanders won nearly 30%, as of 2:20 p.m. Wednesday with 99% of polling locations reporting.

9 races headed for runoff in Bexar County

The Associated Press surveyed voters in eight of the 14 states holding Democratic presidential primaries on Tuesday.

Here’s a view of voters in Texas — who they are and what matters to them — based on preliminary results from AP VoteCast, conducted for The Associated Press by NORC at the University of Chicago.

Biden eeked out a win in Texas, where white voters divvied up their support between him and Sanders, with about a quarter going to each. Some also supported Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren.

AP VoteCast: Health care top issue in Texas

Black voters in Texas gave a clear advantage to Biden, while Bernie Sanders held a lead among Latino voters.

More women then men voted in Texas, making up 57% of the total votes.

Biden was the leading candidate among women, garnering 35% of their votes. For Texas men, 35% voted for Sanders and 33% voted for Biden.

Texas March 2020 Primary Election Results

Voters in the Democratic primary in Texas had health care on their minds, with close to 4 in 10 saying it was the most important issue facing the country.

Immigration was considered an important issue by just about 1 in 10 voters in the border state. But among all voters, border security is divisive. About half of voters said they favor increasing security along the U.S.-Mexico border, while roughly half are opposed.

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