UTSA program aims to teach students about environment around them

EYES program is showing San Antonio kids how they can help the environment from their classrooms - and their own backyards

SAN ANTONIO – The EYES - Educating Youth in Environmental Science - program is centered around outreach and providing local students the chance to learn about environmental issues, in a hands on way!

Representatives from the program travel to local schools to visit with classes from kindergarten to high school.

Through a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, students are able to learn about topics such as hydrology - including how pollution can affect the quality of water in our aquifer - and the migration route of the monarch butterfly through San Antonio each year.

To learn more about the EYES program, including to inquire about a visit to your school, click here.

BONUS: Check out the video below for an at-home activity the whole family can do that helps the monarch butterflies

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