Schertz residents shocked by large bill after replacement of analog CPS meter

Digital meter installment nearly 99 percent complete

By Patty Santos - Reporter

SCHERTZ, Texas - A couple was shocked to see their CPS Energy bill nearly double the same month a new smart meter was installed in their Schertz home. 

Jackie and Ken Raimondi noticed other neighbors also had the same issue.

“I thought, ‘What did we do differently?’ We were on vacation,” Jackie Raimondi said. “The only thing that had changed, that was different, is that we had a new meter.”

Their bill went from about $170 the month before to $309. 

“Our habits in our home have not changed since last year, and we have never seen a bill like this,” Jackie Raimondi said.

CPS Energy spokesman John Moreno said it’s likely not the meter and has more to do with the energy consumption the utility has been seeing across the board in May and June with all of its customers.

“Because of the weather pattern in May and June, we had higher than normal weather, and that results in higher energy use,” he said.

A CPS Energy chart showed higher energy consumption and higher temperatures this year compared to last year for the same month.

Ken Raimondi said he isn’t convinced.

“This still doesn’t equal to doubling my bill. That's what it comes down to,” he said.

“This isn't about this month. This is about what are we going to do to budget for such a higher energy bill going forward, and will that affect our choices,” Jackie Raimondi said.

Moreno said, although it's rare, some old meters are not reading at full capacity, and when they are replaced with smart meters, the readings are more accurate and the customers may notice a change.

Since 2014, 735,000 smart meters have been installed. The installment is nearly 99 percent complete and will be fully completed by the end of this summer.

About 1,500 customers have opted out of the meters, choosing to pay $20 a month.

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