Savage sign war between Texas businesses goes viral

Wendy's, Pure Water Ice and Tea Company engage in a friendly war of words

Courtesy: Twitter

LUBBOCK, Texas – A sign war between two Texas businesses has drawn viral attention. One business started the beef and the other has been offering ice-cold comebacks. 

According to Lubbock Online, the friendly feud between the businesses started in May when Pure Water Ice and Tea Company displayed a sign that offered Texas Tech head football coach Kliff Kingsbury free drinks.

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Wendy’s, located at the intersection of Fourth Street and Frankford Avenue, responded with their own proposal, offering Kingsbury “food and drink for free.”

Pure Water called out Wendy’s, saying its sign looked awfully familiar to theirs, and Wendy’s responded with, “Something else is familiar, our fresh never frozen beef.”

That’s when Pure Water asked, “You want beef Wendy’s? You’ve got it!”


Since then, passersby have taken notice of the savagery and begun to share photos on social media, tagging the vendetta "#4thStreetSignWar.” 

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The cross-street rivals have even thrown punny jabs at one another, with Pure Water saying, “Burgers aren’t the only thing square at Wendy’s,” and Wendy’s responding, “Everyone knows Wendy’s squares up, you ain’t bout that life.”

To see more of the friendly war of words, scroll below.

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