Unicorn conchas, donuts a big hit for SA Bakery

Local bakery has fun with unicorn trend

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SAN ANTONIO – This year is possibly the year of the unicorn. The trend has grown in popularity and you can find unicorn-themed items for sale everywhere. 

Panifico Bake Shop has jumped on the bandwagon and has created a few new popular items.

Posted on their Facebook page, the bake shop is now creating unicorn conchas, donuts and galaxy donuts.

So far they have been a big hit and they keep getting orders to make more. 

Yes, we have Unicorn conchas, but have you seen our Unicorn donuts and our Galaxy Donuts?!?! We close at 8P! 💖🦄😊

Posted by Panifico Bake Shop on Friday, June 16, 2017

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