This 4-year-old's terrifying Pennywise costume is winning contests across the city

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SAN ANTONIO – When 4-year-old Emmett struggled to find a Pennywise costume for Halloween, his mom took matters into her own hands, hand-crafting a terrifying costume that has won several costume contests in San Antonio.

Emmett has never seen the Stephen King horror movie "IT," but when he caught a glimpse of the creepy clown on YouTube, he decided that's who he would be for Halloween festivities.

Emmett's family struggled to find a Pennywise costume for the 4-year-old, given that the movie is rated R and not a typical children's costume. 

"My sister in law bought a sewing machine -- she has never used one before -- because he really wanted to be Pennywise for Halloween (and) couldn’t find a costume, so she just tried it and it all came together," Emmett's aunt Claudia Negrete said.

Negrete said Emmett's mom made the costume from scratch, down to his wig.

Last year Emmett dressed as the Incredible Hulk, but this year his one-of-a-kind costume prompted his mom to enter him into contests.

Emmett recently took home first place in a costume contest at Wonderland of The Americas Mall. Negrete said he's won several contests throughout the city. 

"He loves Halloween," Negrete said. "It’s like an all year around thing for him."