Whataburger trolling In-N-Out with billboard over San Marcos restaurant

In-N-Out's San Marcos location has been open since June 2016

Courtesy: @Keff_C
Courtesy: @Keff_C

SAN MARCOS – If you’re Whataburger and want to send a message to California’s In-N-Out Burger that Texas is your territory, then it makes sense to buy the billboard right above the restaurant. 


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Well, the Texas fast-food staple found its opportunity in San Marcos and after a quick search on social media, it seems like Whataburger has been trolling In-N-Out for months now. 

In a tweet sent Tuesday by Austin Statesman sports correspondent Keff Ciardello, a Whataburger billboard towering over the In-N-Out restaurant means those who choose to visit the San Marcos location will more than likely be forced to see the advertising sign on their way in.

It’s a savage move that has allegedly been around since August, according to a tweet that first mentioned the billboard.

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“Funny how there’s a Whataburger billboard right behind In-N-Out,” one Twitter user shared in a tweet on August 3, 2017. 

Other Twitter users have also shared Whataburger’s bold move with one person saying “Omg @whataburger is so petty for putting a billboard right above in n out in San Marcos,” while another shared, “The Whataburger billboard placed directly in front of the in-n-out drive thru really makes you feel like a traitor.”

The California fast-food chain opened its San Marcos location in June 2016, making it the first in the town but the fourth in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

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In-N-Out Burger has since expanded to a total of five locations in the area.  

Texans to Californians: Your move, In-N-Out.

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