WATCH: 2018 Battle of Flowers Parade


The Battle of Flowers Parade honors the heroic spirit of the patriots of the Alamo, commemorates the victory of San Jacinto and celebrates the diversity and heritage of Texas and our nation. 

As the second largest day parade in the U.S., the Battle of Flowers Parade supports the educational, artistic, social and philanthropic achievements of our community’s youth. 

The Battle of Flowers Parade holds the distinction of being the first celebration to be held in Alamo Plaza and is considered the founding event of Fiesta San Antonio. 

The parade has entertained our city every year since 1891, except during World Wars I and II. 

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This parade is the only parade in the nation produced entirely by volunteer women and affords nonprofit organizations the opportunity to raise funds with over 45,000 parade seats sold by charities along the parade route each year.

The theme of the 2018 Battle of Flowers Parade is "300 Timeless Treasures." 

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The parade will bring to life fond memories, magical moments, monumental milestones, and hopeful visions -- the heart and the spirit of our legendary city. 

The cry, "Remember the Alamo" will be accompanied by the cry, "I Remember."

Information courtesy: The Fiesta San Antonio Commission

Watch below for clips of the parade:

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