On Virtual Vacation Day - some digital options that rival the real thing

If you can't be on vacation, you can at least pretend you are

2. Musha Cay Island, Bahamas
2. Musha Cay Island, Bahamas (Courtesy of Musha Cay and The Islands of Copperfield Bay)

Wanna get away? Most of us would love to take a relaxing, rejuvenating vacation, but it's not always a possibility - whether it's a lack of money, a shortage of vacation time or personal issues that may be keeping us landlocked.

If you can't get to your dream destination, maybe you can bring your dream destination to you. 

That's the idea behind Virtual Vacation Day, a "holiday" celebrated on March 30.

Technology is making it possible to visit places you may never get to in real life.

Want to explore Australia? Qantas airlines has a virtual reality app for that.

Want a taste of the outdoors? Untraveled Road has virtual tours of scenic hikes and places across the United States, Canada, England and Italy.

Google Earth is a great way to visit the world virtually.

If you prefer an educational vacation, you can check out World Heritage sites around the world like Westminster Abbey and the Taj Mahal on the Armchair Travel website.

You can take a virtual tour of a Smithsonian museum, or the White House.

DiscoveryVR.com offers spectacular videos and invites people to "travel the world from the edge of your seat."

And if your ideal vacation is in another time period, then there's an app for that, too. Timelooper lets you choose your destination and relive moments in history.

Need even more inspiration? These articles may help you daydream. Happy Virtual Vacation Day!

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