WATCH VIDEO: Giraffe birth caught on camera at Hill Country ranch

Calf hasn't been named yet

Just in time for Mother's Day, a mama giraffe at the Y.O. Ranch Headquarters in the Texas Hill Country has a new baby to love on.

Bella gave birth to a female calf April 27.  The Y.O. Headquarters released a video this morning of the amazing birth process. 

Like all giraffes do, Bella gave birth while standing up. The video shows the calf emerging  head first and dropping to the ground. Bella cleans her off and the video goes on to show the calf standing for the first time. Shortly after the calf was born, two other giraffe relatives come to check the baby out. 

Bella's mom, Carlita, and Carlita's calf, Imani, also live at the Y.O. Ranch Headquarters.

Imani's name means faith. She was named after her grandmother Iman. 

Bella's calf doesn't have a name just yet.

If you're wondering if you can see the baby giraffe in person, the answer is "yes."

"We offer wildlife tours daily where guests can view and photograph many different species of wildlife here on the ranch, some of which are critically endangered or extinct in their native land," said Debbie Habebusch, director of tourism at Y.O. Ranch Headquarters.

The facility also offers lodging, meals, horseback riding, paintball, sporting clays and other activities.

Watch the video of Bella giving birth:

Baby Imani Photos:

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