Wait, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck might be dating again?

The year 2003 called, and it wants its famous celebrity couple back

It's all happening, you guys. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) (Kevin Winter, 2003 Getty Images)

As if life couldn’t get any stranger, it appears that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, once affectionately known as “Bennifer,” are allegedly dating again after more than a decade of being broken up.

Just about two weeks after calling off her engagement with Alex Rodriguez, Lopez was spotted with her former flame at her Los Angeles home in late April, and now it’s being reported that they spent a romantic week together in Montana.

If you remember, Lopez and Affleck were the “it” couple in the early aughts. Alongside Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the two famous couples were the catalyst for celebrity couples names, giving us “Brangelina” and “Bennifer,” respectively.

The media coverage around Bennifer’s relationship was out of control. They were always in the tabloids and people were obsessed. He was in her music video for “Jenny From The Block,” they starred in two movies together while they were a couple -- and how can you forget that pink engagement ring?

According to TMZ, the couple (it feels weird even calling them that) has been chatting since February, ever since Affleck started sending Lopez emails.

Lopez was still technically with Rodriguez during that time, but maybe the emails were the catalyst for her breakup?

There are just a million questions we have now. Have their kids met? How do Marc Anthony and Jennifer Garner feel about this? Is this just a publicity stunt? And most importantly, how does Lopez feel about Affleck’s giant back tattoo of a phoenix?

The news has people feeling some very conflicting things.

In some ways, it’s great that they are back together. We love nostalgia, and there is nothing more nostalgic than a famous celebrity couple getting back together. Remember when everyone freaked out when Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were photographed backstage at an awards show together in early 2020?

On the other hand, it’s like, why are they doing this? If your best friend went back to an ex after being broken up for nearly 20 years, would you support this?

Granted, we don’t know much about how their relationship ended. We probably assume that Affleck is a toxic ex, but the two could have stayed friendly this entire time.

Regardless, it kind of feels like when your divorced parents decide to get back together after years of hating each other, and now you’re just confused if you should be happy for them or you’re wondering, have the past 20 years been a giant lie?

Anyway, we hope nothing but the best for the reunited couple, and if Affleck does anything to break Lopez’s heart, he will instantly become public enemy No. 1.

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