You’ll be shocked at how these ‘cheap’ beauty products are better than the expensive stuff

Seriously, you'll never buy an expensive beauty product again after watching this video

Save your pennies for expensive clothes, not beauty products! (Style Wise.)

Save your pennies, everyone, because you don’t need to dish out the big bucks for beauty products.

Instead, just stick to the “cheap” stuff, StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan said in his latest video.

And by “cheap,” we mean inexpensive.

Just because a product is inexpensive doesn’t mean that it can’t work wonders on your hair, body or face.

Jordan consulted with his dear friend Katrina to get some insider tricks of the trade, as well as a few life-hacks with very inexpensive products such as deodorant, baby shampoo and Vaseline.

A lot of these products are really great to keep in your purse or bag so that you can freshen up throughout the day. For example, Jordan explains that baby powder is something great to have on hand because it works as a fantastic dry shampoo.

So instead of purchasing a fancy, expensive, top-of-the-line dry shampoo, just use generic baby powder. It will get the job done just as well, Jordan said.

Have you used any everyday products for your regular beauty routine? Let us know in the comments below.

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