This is the best way to use concealer to say bye-bye to dark under-eye circles

Have your face looking as fresh as a daisy

Getting rid of dark circles has never been easier. (Style Wise.)

This year has thrown all of us for a loop, so if you’re waking up every morning with dark circles under your eyes because the world has got you down, don’t fret, because we have a step-by-step solution for you.

StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan is a pro at getting rid of those pesky dark circles (he’s a busy man!) and has developed a plan using concealer to have your face looking as fresh as a daisy.

Not only does Jordan give you tips on finding the correct concealer for your face, but he also has great piece of advice, like using a brush instead of a sponge to apply the concealer, to the proper technique of painting the concealer on your face.

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