The Big Bib BBQ voted best in the Alamo City

Flavor Favs: Big Bib BBQ

SAN ANTONIO – For over ten years "The Big Bib BBQ" has called San Antonio home.

"It started back in 2000 at a carwash on the east of San Antonio on MLK Blvd with a hope, a dream and a prayer," owner Stanley Shropshire said.

Located at 104 Lanark Dr. off Austin Hwy, the place has become a got to for bbq fans. For Shropshire and his staff bbq is a passion and all about the family.

"What we actually put into our food, into our product, into our daily operation is a very meaningful effort to ensure that our customer base is very well taken care of," Shropshire said.

The meats at Big Bibs are cooked low and slow throughout the day and night. Besides the traditional options you can also find choices like baked potato casserole, chili beans, turkey legs, banana pudding and something else nobody around the area sells.. rib tips.

"Rib tips is a type of portion of the spare rib that is used to be something that wasn't even thought of but if you how to prepare them correctly, it's a fun food," Shropshire said.

On any given day the line at the Big Bib is out the door and customers are always encouraged to get their rub on.

"When you're here you're at home," Shropshire said.

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