Review: A taste of the Caribbean can be found in SA

Flavor Favs: Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine

SAN ANTONIO – If you've ever been to Jamaica, then you know that not only are the people friendly, but the food is delicious, too

Owners Angelo and Dee Gordon are bringing that same island vibe to San Antonio. 

"San Antonio already has a lot of culture, but not a lot of Jamaican culture," Angelo Gordon said. 

The menu consists of classics like curry, plantains, patties and of course, jerk chicken. 

Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine, located at 2026 Austin Hwy., has been open since 2011. It is open Tuesday through Saturday, and brunch is served every second Sunday. 

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Erica's Take

" As soon as you walk into the restaurant you hear the Bob Marley playing and you are welcomed with a friendly smile. I got to try the chicken curry, the jerk chicken and jerk salmon. I recently visited Jamaica and I can say that the food was spot on and really authentic. So much flavor was packed into the curry and the jerk season was as spicy as it should be. The food really made me feel like I was back on the island. If you are looking to try something different in San Antonio this is a place to try. 

Rating 4.5 out of 5 

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