Fireworks accidents can scar for life

Leave fireworks popping to professionals, doctor says

SAN ANTONIO – Memories of your Fourth Of July holiday should not include a trip to the emergency room but, for some people, they do.

Just ask Dr. Mark Muir, trauma medical director at University Hospital.

"We see kids every year, mostly with small burns but, occasionally, they can set their clothes catch on fire and cause larger burns that can cause injuries to the eyes," Muir said.

Most people think fireworks injuries mostly involve bottle rockets and fireworks mortars, but sparklers are also dangerous because they can heat up to 2,000 degrees.

"The tip of a sparkler can get very hot and cause deep burns almost immediately," Muir said. "But even if one of those sparks hit your clothes, it can catch your clothes on fire and cause serious injuries or burns."

Muir said a good rule of thumb is to leave the fireworks alone unless you're a professional.

About the Author:

Ursula Pari has been a staple of television news in Texas at KSAT 12 News since 1996 and a veteran of broadcast journalism for more than 30 years.